Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tim Tebow and Jason Collins: Light and Darkness in a Mindless and Irrational Culture

To say that Tim Tebow has been a lightening rod is a gross understatement to say the least. The latest news on Tim is that he is no longer a New York Jet. I am happy that Tebow is no longer in an environment that, in my opinion is one of the most insulting, rude, and denigrating environments one could ever be in. 

Recently I was leaving the gym and one of the staff asked me what I thought about the Browns draft. I thought it was sad and that is what I told him. I am a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan and I suppose I always will be. They are, after all, the only football team that will be playing in heaven. At least that is how I understand the Scripture. Anyways, the conversation turned to Tim Tebow, since the Jets drafted Geno Smith from WVU. Smith had great stats until opposing defenses found a formula to beat him. Once that happened, he fell from the number one Heisman candidate to just another quarterback faster than Cheick Kongo under the crushing right of Roy "Big Country" Nelson at the last UFC event. But that is not the point. 

You see, the fellow at the gym apparently doesn't like Tebow either. He said that Denver was successful under him because of their defense, not because of his quarterbacking. When I asked why that same defense was 2-6 prior to Tebow taking over, he had no response. Apparently Tebow did have an impact on the team after all. Yet, the one thing that some people, not most people, did not like about Tebow was His Jesus. Tim Tebow insists on putting Jesus out in front for everyone to see. He is going to practice his Christianity even if the entire country can't stand it. He goes on smiling in the face of criticism and does not revile. We could all learn a lesson from Tim in that respect. 

Tim Tebow did the unthinkable. He stood up for biblical Christianity in an environment where it is despised. People cannot stand the biblical version of Christianity. They hate the biblical man, Jesus. He is too narrow, too judgmental, too serious, has too many rules. In short, He is too demanding. You cannot do whatever you want and still hang out with Him. He insists you do things His way. Jesus can be demanding like that. People have waited for Tim Tebow to trip up and prove he is not the Christian he supposed pretends to be. (As if tripping here or there is the same as living in outright rebellion against God). And Tim has held steady and the more he has done so, the more people do not like him. The numbers don't lie. The only chance he got in the NFL, he took a failing team from a dismal 2-6 record to the playoffs and won the first game. 

Enter Jason Collins. Jason Collins is a professional basketball play that recently announced that he prefers sex with men, as opposed to nature's order and God's command. When we compare the national response to Collins with that to Tim Tebow; the contrast is remarkable. Collins garnered a call from the President, telling him that he was proud of him. Does it really take courage for someone to announce they are gay in 2013 America? Especially if that someone is in the national spotlight? How much support would anyone expect to get in our current environment? Collins is celebrated as a courageous hero because he has openly admitted to enjoying sex with other men. The acts that these men engage in behind the scenes is so reprehensible that I refuse to speak of it in public. Tim Tebow stands for a system of belief that is unsurpassed in its morality, in its virtue, in its courage, and in its purity. He is despised and hated and mocked by celebrities and the media repeatedly. Jason Collins announces how he likes his sex and he is elevated to the status of hero and almost worshipped. In modern America, to be a biblical Christian is to be hated and despised. To be sexually perverse, going against even the naturalist's prized doctrine of natural selection and the survival of the species, is to be a hero. We are not living in the age of enlightenment. We are living in the age of irrationalism. The arguments defending these ideas are very plainly some of the most idiotic ones I have ever witnessed. When man departs from biblical morality and reasoning, irrationalism and immorality are the inevitable consequences. We are witnesses to this fact today. This is undeniably the most irrational period that humanity has ever witnessed. I wonder what is next.

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