Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The New Gay America

Few things are as remarkable as the love-fest that Americans have with homosexuality. To be a homosexual in America is praised, supported, and lauded as if having sex with someone of the same sex is one of the most virtuous things a human could ever do. Recently Jason Collins, an NBA player announced that he is gay. President Barak Obama told Mr. Collins that what he did was brave and that he is proud of him. Indeed, times are no longer changing, they have changed. Collins coming-out party, according to, was groundbreaking, epic, country changing. Collins’ Twitter followers swelled from 3,500 to 85,000. Steve Nash says the time has come for maximum respect. David Stern said he is glad Collins assumed the leadership mantle on this one. Charlie Sheen described at as transcending courage. Now we care about what Charlie Sheen says? Interesting. RuPaul called Collins a true American.

Contrast this with something Chris Broussard said about the situation. Broussard is a sports professional who covers NBA games for ESPN on Mondays. Broussard basically said that no one who practices open sin, such as fornication, adultery, or homosexuality is a Christian. They are walking in open rebelling against God, and therefore, they are not in fact, Christian. He references the Bible to support his viewpoint. What did the headline read in relation to Broussard’s comments? “ESPN’s Chris Broussard attacks Jason Collins.” Now, given the current love-fest in America that American’s currently have with the gay lifestyle, how courageous was it for Collins to come out of the closet. Who would dare criticize Collins for being gay in our culture? Anyone who would dare disagree with prevailing sentiment on the gay issue would surely be placing their career is serious jeopardy. Yet, enter Chris Broussard, a high-profile ESPN analyst that apparently values His Christianity more than he does his career.

Did Barak Obama call Chris Broussard to congratulate him on his courage or bravery? Did anyone else in the media praise Broussard’s tremendous act of courage to cut against the grain? If they did, I have not read about it. Annie Rose-Strasser over at ThinkProgress titled her lead in to the story, “ESPN Sportscaster immediately Trashes First Out NBA Player.” The amount of sheer ignorance bantered about in the comments section on that site is painful to the intellect. When it comes to the Bible, to God, to Jesus, to Christianity, to interpretation, these are truly some of the most ignorant comments I have ever read. The point is that America has become, for all intents and purposes, a gay country. Americans extol homosexuality as if it were a prized virtue. They can’t say enough good things about it, support it enough, or fight for its causes hard enough.

It is for this reason that the Church in America needs to come to grip with this fact: anything that gets in the way of what the homosexual group wants will be annihilated without one single critical thought whatever. After all, we are talking about a culture that embraces natural selection and the supposed normalcy of gay sex. And they don’t sense the blatant contradiction in that thinking, not even for a second. It is pointless to argue about the gay issue in our culture at this point. The Church simply must stand up and condemn it just like it does adultery, fornication, or lying or any other act that God clearly condemns in Scripture. Since when are we called to debate unregenerate men about the sinfulness of their sin? What a waste of time! Just preach the word men, preach the whole counsel of God, and let the seed fall where it may. It is God who gives the increase.

In the meantime, the Church needs to brace for increasing attacks against their practices. Tax deductions are sure to come under scrutiny, eventually being denied in my opinion. If make financial contributions to an organization that the government classifies as bigoted against homosexuals, guess what! No tax deduction. I believe that such changes are inevitable and only the beginning of persecution against biblical Christianity in this nation of hypocrites. Seminaries need to begin to prepare now for what is coming. Sooner than later, no accredited academic institution will be able to retain their accreditation if they have anti-gay policies of any sort. When that happens, good luck men, getting your loans and funding to pay for tuition. This is one area where the Church absolutely needs to act rapidly, starting now. Surely the gay community will be the community that Satan will use to attack the genuine Church more than any other tool at his disposal. Some would say that a bigger tool has been liberal theology, or deconstructionism, or postmodernism. Those ideologies have posed real threats to Christianity over the decades, to be sure. But most of those seduced by such movements have not been true Churches to begin with. The true Church is about to be tested on issues it knows it cannot compromise and continue to exist as the Church.

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