Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DOJ Instructs Employees to Affirm Homosexuality

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Apparently the United States Department of Justice recently sent out an email instructing its employees that it is NOT enough to keep silent about the issue of homosexuality. 
“Don’t judge or remain silent,” the brochure read. “Silence will be interpreted as disapproval.”
They were also told to post “DOJ Pride” stickers in their office to indicate “that it is a safe place.” 
One gay DOJ employee is quoted in the directive; “Silence seems like disapproval. There’s still an atmosphere of LGBT issues not being appropriate for the workplace (particularly for transgender people), or that people who bring it up are trying to rock the boat.” 
I have been arguing all along that homosexuals are not looking for the same legal rights as married couples under the law. This has NEVER been about THAT. Rather, THAT is been the perfect instrument by which to bring about THIS! What is this? Homosexual affirmation! Homosexuals are not looking to be treated with the dignity and respect every human being deserves. That is the NOT the issue. This DOJ policy brings the issue into clear focus: homosexuals want, no, rather they are demanding affirmation. It is not enough for Christians to be silent in the workplace. Now, if a homosexual sees silence, they recognize it as disapproval. And that will just not do! You must come out and verbally affirm the homosexual lifestyle or else.

This train is picking up steam. The Church needs to recognize that most of these homosexual complaints about how we don't love them enough or that we treat them badly, etc, are nothing more than tactics to break down the barriers. We can see this playing out in secular society before our very eyes. The same strategy is at play in the visible church. It seems that many, if not most in the homosexual movement indeed want to destroy any religion that will not affirm their lifestyle. Romans one informs us that this group of people have been especially turned over to degrading passions. Homosexuality is the judgment of God on humanity because of sin. This is undeniably the teachings of Scripture. What is the Church to do?

We continue to love the homosexual like any other sinner. We stop being naive about their real agenda. We continue to preach the gospel, make disciples, contend for the faith and do good works, looking for that blessed hope and the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ who will Himself put an end to all wickedness. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

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