Friday, December 18, 2015

Yale University and Repealing the First Amendment

Yale University and the First Amendment

Now, I have evolved over the past few years into a position of political indifference. I simply don't care to get involved in American politics. The message I hear from most evangelicals in America is that they believe that America should not only be a Christian nation, but an evangelical nation. I say that to say this, I am not pointing out the dangers of losing our first amendment rights. That is not my point in this very brief post. What I am pointing out is something far worse than that. And yes, evangelicals (of which I am one), there is something worse than losing freedom of religion or freedom of speech, or all freedoms as far as it goes. I am point out the obscene lack of intellectual energy being displayed by these so-called academically gifted kids. These are supposed to be the brightest among us. These kids are the world of tomorrow. Listen to the comments they are making about repealing the first amendment! Any self-reflective adult would hear "repeal the first amendment" and absolutely react with sheer outrage. But not these especially academically gifted kids at Yale. Of course all we see are those that mindlessly went along with the request. We do not see how many told the guy to take a hike. Nevertheless, there seemed to no shortage of kids willing to repeal even this guys right to repeal amendments. The self-defeating nature of what he was doing was profoundly ironic and not once do we see any of these kids pick up on the prank.

These are those whom God is selecting from today as He brings men to Himself. Pastors should be aware that one of the tasks of the Church is to equip new Christians to be excellent thinkers. God created us as rational, intellectual, thinking beings. We glorify God when we exercise those skills to the best of our ability and for His glory. We dishonor God when we neglect these things. Pastors fail in their duties when they neglect to hold their flock accountable for being intellectual sloths. It is more than embarrassing; it is shameful and sinful for Christians to neglect the discipline of critical thinking.

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