Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Weak Preachers of an Intolerant Culture

Robert Gagnon on Tim Keller

The link above contains some very sober remarks from Robert Gagnon about Pastor Tim Keller at Christ Redeemer in New York City. Gone are the days when these men could be counted on to simply stand up and speak the truth. I applaud Robert Gagnon for being courageous enough to honor his profession and more importantly, His God, Christ, the Church, and to love the rest of us, especially Keller, by sharing the truth. Gagnon's type are becoming rare these days. There are a few remaining that we can count on to stand up for Christ and not wilt at the slightest pressure from this culture.

What on earth do we think is going to happen when real persecution shows up in this country and all we have, for the most part, are these men in our pulpits who are so concerned with being credible, respectable, and honored by a culture that has turned its nose up to Christ while claiming to love Him? These men are hyper-sensitive about every controversial issue in our culture.

NEWFLASH: The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most controversial issue we could ever talk about when it is talked about correctly, as revealed in Scripture.

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