Thursday, September 19, 2013

Testimony of More Homosexual Intolerance in Public Schools

Click here for video: Homosexual Intolerance

A recent friend posted a picture of a man wearing a shirt with the caption: "I met my boyfriend on Christian Mingle." She inserted the words, "Open minds, open hearts."

In other words, people who reject homosexuality are closed minded. And closed minded people are unloving. In an unrelated subject on the matter of sports, I posted a criticism of West Virginia's performance against William & Mary. Someone called me a hater because I dared to criticize the team's dismal performance. 

Modern Americans no longer give a subject over to careful consideration. They want the truth to be what they demand it to be. If you are daring enough to let the facts get in the way, well then, the retort is that you must be a hater, or a bigot or a slanderer. My friend on FB said she supports freedom of religion as long as it does not condone bigotry and slander. In other words, Christians should NOT be free to reject the homosexual lifestyle because doing so is bigoted and slanderous. I asked her how it is bigoted for me to reject the idea that two men engaged in sex were doing something that nature itself shows to be contrary to the very design of male anatomy. I pointed out that homosexual behavior is violently incongruent with evolutionary theory. There is no science supporting the view that homosexual sex is natural. There is a mountain of medical evidence showing it to be quite harmful in a plethora of ways. Finally, no Christian can condone homosexual behavior because the Christian's book, which defines Christianity, at the same time condemns homosexual sex. This means that the Christian has a choice: be a Christian or be pro-homosexual. One cannot be both. Support for homosexual sex is an open rejection of the Bible. Support for the Bible is an open rejection of homosexual sex.

Can you love homosexuals and respect them as individuals without approving or endorsing their lifestyle. There is no logical reason why you cannot. Can you love you child without approving of every behavior they engage in? Yes we can and yes we do. I have children who have engaged in behavior I do not approve of. Does that mean I hate them? Absolutely not! The argument that you must approve of homosexual sex or you are a bigot is an absurd, irrational, and stupid argument made by people who are uncritical in their thinking and limited in their ability to navigate this issue intellectually. Christians must become better critical thinkers and emboldened in their faith if they are to prove the worth of their Christian confession. 

Here is the bottom line for the homosexual argument. American society wants homomsexual sex to be normal, healthy, and natural and accepted by all contrary to the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. There is no scientific or medical proof demonstrating that homosexual sex is unavoidable. The argument that it is love is foolish and based on the most shallow components of love, emotion and raw animalistic lust. The summary is that homosexual sex is okay because they want it to be okay and they feel no need to provide any more argumentation than that. Look at the number of arguments they have made that have proven to be false over the decades now. One by one, the arguments have collapsed. But for some strange reason, this has not slowed down the steam rolling machine that demands we accept the lifestyle as natural. The sin-loving, God-hating culture of America says homosexual sex is natural because we want it to be natural and you will go along with us or else. And then this country has the nerve to put "In God We Trust" on its money. It is a nation of Godless hypocrites whose end is destruction, whose god is their vile lust, whose intellectual behavior has been reduced to irrationalism at every corner.

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