Sunday, September 29, 2013

Interesting Post Concerning JP Holding - The Most Rude Internet Apologist Professing Christ

JP Holding

Holding is responsible for several derogatory web pages devoted to yours truly because I exposed his tactics to some well-known ministries that had linked to his site without knowing much about him. All I had to do was share some of his comments and an email exchange and they severed ties with him. He responded by posting some extremely slanderous lies about me on web pages devoted entirely to me. He has all but destroyed his credibility among reputable Christian ministries and even most atheist websites. Apparently, according to this article, he hasn't changed a bit.

This is precisely how we are NOT to disagree with one another. It is an embarrassment to the Christian community to see this kind of behavior anywhere, to include the internet.


  1. The christian research institute and hank hanegraff promotes Holding.
    I spoke with hank and he is very unaware of Holding's alter ego as an A-hole

  2. Your are correct. Be careful. If Holding catches you doing that, he or one of his minions will create a webpage devoted entirely to lies and gross exaggerations about you. I know from experience. There are several about me that he put up and none of it is true. I figure anyone with Christ in their heart reading it will recognize the hatred so I don't worry about it.

  3. I wouldn’t say that he’s an “a-hole”, but rather more direct.


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