Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Homosexuality....AGAIN...Fuller Theological Seminary Accepts Openly Gay Student

I have been saying for some time that homosexuality appears to be the major impetus by which Christianity will be subjected to persecution in the United States. I have argued that the Church and her seminaries will come under threat sooner or later because of their position on the issue of sexual orientation. The head of this movement I think has finally made its appearance. Fuller Theological Seminary has publicly welcomed its first open homosexual student. See the article HERE.

In addition, another article appeared on Fox News just yesterday. It was entitled, "Churches Fear Lawsuits Over Gay Weddings," by Todd Starnes. That story can be found HERE.

If you think the homosexual movement doesn't smell blood in the water and that it will somehow back off in a show of mercy, you are delusional. There are few things that gay people loathe more than the traditional, old-fashioned, died-in-the-wool, homosexuality is sin, brand of Christian. What they, and the rest of America and the world do not seem to understand is that there really is no other brand of Christian. Of course there are church-goers who want the homosexual issue to just go away and they are willing to do whatever they must to maintain the peace. But make no mistake about it folks; these are not Christians. If you think that homosexuality is perfectly acceptable in the sight of God and that men can have sexual relations with men and women with women, lets be clear: YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN. You may go to Church. You may say a prayer. You may even read the Bible on occasion. You have may been baptized. You may give lots of $$ to the Church. You may golf with your pastor on a regular basis. You might even be a pastor. But there is one thing you most certainly ARE NOT! YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN! You are something much different. And if that is what you want to be, then be it! But if you really want to be a Christian, one thing is required of you. YOU MUST DIE IN EVERY RESPECT of your being, to include your intellect, and you must place your entire life and faith and trust in the person of Jesus Christ. You MUST take Him as LORD over all that you do, all that you say, and all that you think! If in fact you come to this realization and to this wonderful place, your perspective on the issue of homosexuality as well as many, many other issues will absolutely take a 180 degree turn.

If you don't think that homosexual groups have had enough of this notion that they are in sin and under the judgment of God, see this ARTICLE. Are there homosexuals who are put off by this sort of behavior. There is no doubt that such is the case. That is not my point. And should we, as Christians, get in the face of anyone, to include homosexuals and point our finger up their nose promising them that God's wrath will someday consume them, much to our personal delight? Such behavior is absurd and unloving. But should we think as some do, that homosexuals simply want Christians to listen to them, to understand their struggles and if we can only do that, that somehow the fierce tension that exists between the two will somehow disappear? The evidence seems clear enough that such a thought is a little more than naive.

The message to the Christian Church and her institutions is that she needs to begin preparing today for what is to come. She needs to restructure herself to accommodate for what is about to come. We will lose tax-exempt status. We must draft our policies with wisdom to protect against invasion of the ungodly. Seminaries must begin to embrace swift change in light of a loss of accreditation and the $$ that comes with it. We need to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

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