Tuesday, July 30, 2013

America's Continued Persecution of Christian Theism

New Hampshire School District Bars Mother From Praying On School Steps Following Complaint

‘Unprecedented’ Ordinances Could Prohibit Christians From Working in San Antonio City Government

Atheist Activist Group Demands Texas City to Cease Holding Public Prayers Before Council Meetings

The increase in persecution in post-Christian America (it has actually been post-Christian for a very long time) signals the end of religious freedom, not only for America and the west, but for the entire globe. At one time, America was the one nation that would stand up for the most basic freedom, religious freedom among all the nations of the earth. In fact, America was founded on the idea of religious freedom. Her history begins in the very heartbeat of the idea of religious freedom. Now, we see these stories above, multiplied no doubt all across this once grand experiment. Moreover, we read the story about the German family that left Germany so that they could pursue religious freedom in America and homeschool their children, shielding them from the radically secular ideas of German society. This family has begged the Obama administration for asylum to no avail. It is extremely ironic that we would turn away people that left their motherland for the very same reason our ancestors left their motherland.

Sooner or later, Christianity in America will shrink to a number that will hopefully be closer to the actual number of Christians as opposed to the large majority of pseudo-Christians that make up the visible Church today. The days of easy living for the Faithful of Jesus Christ are coming to a close. What is the Christian to do? We must not squander what is left of our freedom on selfish behaviors, pretending that our freedom was given to us by God so that we could consume it on our lusts and narcissistic proclivities. Every believer must care enough about lost humanity to expend that necessary energy to become proficient in giving people the gospel as well as in giving them an answer for the reason of the hope that is them. In other words, we must be good witnesses and defenders of the Christian worldview, regardless of the cost.

Tutu Credit Dale Frost
Bishop Tutu Would Rather Go to Hell than to a Homophobic Heaven

To the former Archbishop of the African Anglican Church, we respectfully say:

Thy Will Be Done!

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