Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rachel Dolezal, Kirsten Powers, and the Issue of Congruency

We have all (the Church) sat back and wondered with amazement at American Culture's fascination with and celebration of Bruce Jenner and his attempt to be a woman even though scientifically speaking, he is in fact a man. But in a narcissistic society such as ours, you can be whatever you want to be. If you are a woman wanting to be a man, we have ways to grant your wish, just like a genie in a bottle. All we have to do is blink our eyes, give it a quick nod, and in an instant what was a man is now a woman and what was a woman is now a man. It is all quite impressive and incredible really. The Bruce Jenner story is one that simply won't go away and most of the "men" and I do mean "man" in the truest sense, laugh at it all when they huddle for the proverbial cold beer after work in those places where big brother and the corporate boss cannot see or hear the conversations. We all know intuitively that there is something bizarre about all but no one will speak up. Just like the N.I.C.E. in Lewis' "That Hideous Strength," we all feel the weight of government and corporate intimidation. The pot has been turned up slowly and she is beginning to boil. Everyone feels the heat of the hot tub and we all know that our destination is not the state of relaxation and mental harmony brought about by the country club. Just like the Jews headed to Auschwitz, we know the ride we are on leads to someplace metaphorically as ominous. My own firm is beginning to ask people to stand up publicly as ally for the LGBT community. It is just a matter of time before they identify and dispense with those who refuse. The irony is that they will do so in the name and under the guise of diversity. The Christian had better be preparing for severe ostracism, termination, vilification, slander, and all sorts of suffering. We had better get ready to feel like an obvious, tiny minority and we had better do it soon. We have had things our way for a very long time in American society despite the ungodliness that has prevailed for centuries. Open secularism has won the day in America. Biblical Christianity is its greatest threat. Anyone who thinks that Christianity is losing the battle is wrong on several accounts. First of all, if there was battle, its over. If there was a battle, popular Christianity if you want to call it that, has lost. She lies in the middle of the street having been slain by secularism, covered in blood, dead on arrival. At the end of this short post, I will return to this analogy with some adjustments.

Now, I have said you can be whatever you want to be in American society. But as it turns out, it looks like I am wrong. If you don't believe me, just as Rachel Dolezal of the NAACP. Rachel has had to resign her post with that organization all because she is actually not a black woman. She is a white woman and apparently she has been lying about her race all along. But Rachel said that she self-identifies as black. Now, if Bruce Jenner can be celebrated for self-identifying as a woman, why can't Rachel Dolezal identify as black? If a person is allowed to change their gender based on nothing scientific, based on their feelings or desires, why can't we also change our race on the very same principle? Isn't it arbitrary to allow Bruce to self-identify as a woman while at the very same time denying Rachel her desire to self-identify as a black woman? The way American society is approaching Bruce and Rachel seems to me to be the epitome of hypocrisy. Perhaps someone like Dan Trabue can message me and help me understand where I am wrong.

Now, on to another more serious situation in my opinion. Everyone was very excited a couple of years ago with Kirsten Powers of Fox News converted from atheism to Christianity. Apparently Kirsten had been attending Tim Keller's Redeemer church in NYC and came to saving faith in the process. I read the story in 2013 although I cannot be sure when the actual conversion took place, if in fact, it has taken place. As many now know, Powers has written articles in support of gay Christianity and has taken up a position, as an infant Christian I might add, that is a serious contradiction of Scripture, of the PCA, and of Redeemer and it's leadership. I have searched for comments from Tim Keller on Kirsten's remarks about the subject and have come up empty. This is more than a little disturbing. While I realize that Keller cannot control the beliefs or the remarks that a regular visitor or member of his church makes, he surely can provide a reaction so as to reassure others that he is not himself slipping on the issue like so many others have done. Where is Keller in all this? Where is the discipleship and accountability for Powers? A claim to faith must be tested and this is an opportunity to test Power's claim. Is she real or has she just shifted from philosophical atheism to practical atheism under the guise of moralistic deism? Redeemer Fellowship, along with the body of elders has a responsibility to the community, not to mention to the greater church at large, and especially to Christ to engage in the same battle the rest of us are in. But the silence is deafening. My advice to Kirsten Powers is to avoid discussions about social issues like gay marriage until such time as you have been trained in what genuine faith produces in terms of such views. God has a perspective on the issue and submission to Christ means that we embrace God's law and revelation on such matters as opposed to modern secularist views on them. Being a young Christian, Powers surely gets it wrong. But the true test of her faith will come when she is confronted by the irresistible truth of Scripture on the subject. True faith submits to Christ in all things.

Now, back to the battle between Christianity and secularism. Popular Christianity is not the same as Biblical Christianity. Popular Christianity has shown that it is impotent. It has been torn to shreds by modern secularism and there is hardly anything left that is recognizable. The destruction is complete. Biblical Christianity on the other hand is another matter altogether. Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail against my church. If hades is no match for Biblical Christianity, then American Secularism is a cream-puff by comparison. Biblical Christianity cannot be defeated by Secularism or any other weapon the enemy introduces. John said we are of God and have overcome the world because He that resides in us is greater than he that resides in the world. The Biblical Christian will not wilt, he will not compromise, and he will NEVER stop contending for the truth and against evil. Discouraged, emotionally drained, weak, in desperate need of respite, the Biblical Christian will continue to fight and God will continue to graciously infuse His own with the energy and love for truth and hatred of evil necessary to engage. This is not a war that secularism can win against Biblical Christianity! She cannot be defeated.


  1. This is not a war that secularism can win against Biblical Christianity! She cannot be defeated.

    This is true. But for those churches that choose to dodge, demonize, embrace arrogance and irrational and immoral behaviors in the manner that you have, Ed, they will be ignored and dismissed as irrational and immoral.

    Your thoughts and "way" will be, unfortunately, consigned to the trash bin of history along with the anti-miscegenationists, slavery-defenders, crusaders and other irrational and immoral ideas.

    The problem is, however, that your brand of Christianity will tarnish the rest of us, but nonetheless, the Church will go on, thanks be to God.


    1. I am afraid we can no longer converse Dan. There is no dialogue open to us. You insist on calling into question Christian doctrines that you, as a professing Christian are obligated to believe. You are a schismatic, a heretic, one who opposes the truth of historic biblical Christianity. I could care less what you do on Sundays with that group of queers who want to pretend to love Jesus. I could care less how loudly you say you are a Christian. You are not! Keep reading my posts and perhaps there will be a conversion through the gospel there. But you will not be allowed to make your foolish, meager attempts to contradict divine truth on the blog any longer.

  2. That unregenerate men and an unregenerate culture would ignore, dismiss, and hold our views as immoral is only consistent with what Christ said the world would say about us and about His message. The world hated Christ. The world hated the early Christians. The world loves and embraces YOUR version of Christianity and its messages. Odd!

    The gospel will never disappear from the earth. The Church will never disappear from the land. How many times have those of us in the Church heard god-haters like you say the very same thing. There is NOTHING resembling Christ in you Dan. Not a sliver of the fruit of God can be discerned in your remarks. You are, top to bottom, an obvious wolf, unregenerate, blind, ignorant, and deceived.

  3. But the true test of her faith will come when she is confronted by the irresistible truth of Scripture on the subject. True faith submits to Christ in all things.

    So, I and the elders at my church have looked into this and decided that Powers is in the right on the matter and she is, indeed, submitting to Christ in all things, including this matter. We've also looked into Ed Dingess and declared that Ed is mistaken and, since he disagrees with us, he is clearly not submitting to Christ, so... Sorry Ed, you're out.

    ~The Church

    1. A group of elders, not wolves Dan. Of course the wolves are going to enjoy any non-Christian poison.

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