Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Science and Christianity

Cornelius Van Til
(Worth Repeating)

The above heading was the topic of one of Dr. Wishart’s recent sermons. According to his presentation Science is indeed at odds with Christianity, if we mean by the latter acceptance of the Bible from cover to cover, with its creation myth, its legend of the Sun’s standing still at the command of Joshua, its absurdity of physical resurrection, etc. Science and Christianity are not at odds if both are understood correctly, if Christianity is made scientific and Science christian. The miracles especially must be done away with. The Church of Mediaeval times believed the story of the Sun’s standing still upon Gibeon and the Moon in the valley of Ajalon. Even the Reformers Luther and Calvin, clung to this antiquated idea, while Calvin is the remote founder of Calvin College.

The insinuation is plain. Calvin College is presented as a mere remnant of Mediaevalism. Turning away from the disorders of this wicked world, its inmates delight in contemplation of the blessedness of heaven. The message of Copernicus has not even reached their ears.

Of course, this presentation of Dr. Wishart is entirely unfair, but it shows that the genuine modernist does feel that there is a chasm between him and the evangelical Christian. Was this not plain from the manifestation of extreme hatred on the part of modernists when the campaign against the abolishment of Free Christian Schools was on? Should we then consider the chasm less deep? Let us not deceive ourselves. Let not the siren of modernism entice us to its fold. When once in its vortex of fashion it is hard to get away. The struggle of Satan to conquer Christ is still continued in the attempts of modernism to undo the evangelical work of the Church. Surely, modernism would not subscribe to being called the enemy of Christ. Certainly not, does it not pray in the Master’s Name? Does it not speak of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man; does it not engage in humanitarian work? Modernism does not see the inconsistency in calling Jesus Master and at the same time denying that He is the Son of God. If Christ was not God, as He allowed Thomas to call Him, He was the vilest imposter that ever lived.

We as students should learn to see in modernism one of the greatest antagonists of Christianity and be ever on our guard. Its creed appeals to the evil within our hearts; its much-praised enlightenment appeals to our imagination; its humanitarian efforts soothe our antagonism. How easily are we led to believe that it is one with us. We know that the heathen are in need of the Easter message; how little do we realize that modernism is in still greater need of this message because it knows the way of salvation but thinks to have superseded it. May our attitude be one of watchfulness and prayer. May we make an earnest attempt to convert modernism to Christianity, to the Christianity of Christ the Savior who is risen indeed.

Cornelius Van Til and Eric H. Sigward, The Articles of Cornelius Van Til, Electronic ed. (Labels Army Company: New York, 1997).

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