Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Totalitarianism of the Homosexual Worldview

Have you ever asked the question, “What is this homosexual steam-rolling machine really about?” I was reading once more about the California proposition 8 controversy, as it relates to a pro-homosexual fund-raising play. First, who in their right mind would be shocked to hear that a pro-homosexual play would not tell the whole story about what actually went on in the courtroom of the proposition 8 appeal? The last thing the homosexual movement is known for is playing fair. They are radical pragmatists who will use whatever tactics they deem necessary in order to reach their objectives. Secondly, the last group on this planet that wants truth and honesty about an issue is the homosexual movement. To be sure, there are exceptions here and there, but for the most part, that sums it up. The truth is that the only reason the homosexual agenda has been able to progress as far as it has is because the atmosphere of political correctness that exists in the debate has been what is has for so long.

Conservatives have been bullied into silence about the truthfulness of this lifestyle. I for one, am not so sure that the homosexual debate in this country is as much about homosexuality as it is about something else far more devious. I contend homosexuality is nothing more than the sacred tool that is being utilized by secularists to shift what has been a fundamentally Christian theistic culture to a secular non-theistic culture. The church, for the most part, has put up an anemic response to this onslaught. We have been far too busy concentrating on the minuscule extremes within our own ranks to notice that we are getting our proverbial butts handed to us on this issue. While I condemn insults and hate speech as much as the next Christian I do not agree that frank direct confrontation about the issue is ipso fact insulting, rude or unloving. On the contrary, I think it is essential for Christians to speak up about the truth of homosexual behavior now more than ever. We cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand and hope this issue goes away. The goal is to take this tool away from the secularist or at least dull it to the point that it becomes useless or far less effective than it has been in the recent past.


It is no secret that Western culture has predominantly been a Judeo-Christian culture. The substance that served as the foundation for this culture as well as the fabric that has held it together has been principles directly derived from the Judeo-Christian worldview. In order to move the western culture to a more secular mindset, a deliberate strategy is necessary. These things do not happen arbitrarily. Secularization is the process that progressively removes religion from the public arena and reduces it to the private realm; secularism is the stance that endorses and promotes such a process. [Carson, D.A. Christ and Culture Revisted 116] However, secularism needs a tool that will facilitate the accommodation of such a shift. Enter the homosexual lifestyle. Few lifestyles are more adverse to the Judeo-Christian ethic than the homosexual choice. If secularists can make progress in the acceptance of this lifestyle within the church, the fabric that holds the culture together, the movement can then have a staging area from which to launch a full-scale assault. Moreover, if the church compromises on this issue, it will find it rationally impossible to resist the deluge of other socio-moral issues that may be compromised within society, like dominoes ready to fall. However, the precursor to the great homosexual compromise was the great divorce compromise. This illustrates very well how it becomes rationally impossible to resist one compromise in light of another’s full-scale acceptance.

Homosexuals have insisted that the church is institutionalized bigotry. This view argues that the church promotes discrimination and hate speech. As a result, the church should lose its tax-exempt status. Moreover, laws have been passed and are being considered that would hold churches liable for crimes against homosexuals if pastors continue to speak out against the lifestyle. This form of censorship meets the definition of totalitarianism. In essence, by forcing the church to accept the homosexual lifestyle, the church disappears as the church and becomes just another socio-religious institution with very little influence to transform the culture. Just as the culture of I Peter placed enormous pressure on the Christians to leave their group and return to the larger non-Christian group of their day, today’s culture manipulates Christianity using its own tools, homosexuality appearing to be its most effective one yet.


One of the most critical components of society is the family. The cement that holds the family together is the marital bond. The marital bond serves as the very foundation of family life. It would be impossible to separate family from religion, or Christianity in this case. God is the original Creator of the institution of marriage. As marriage goes, so goes society. America in is a crises of the family. This crisis can be attributed to divorce and illegitimate births. The narcissistic philosophies that America has adopted fits perfectly into the secular strategy to accelerate the shift from Judeo-Christian to secularism as the predominate worldview. As a result, men and women no longer marry because it is viewed as cultural norm and the right thing to do. They marry for a “feeling” or a “fantasy” or the west’s idea now of “romantic” love. As a result, love has been reduced to an emotion rather than a disposition, an attitude that produces certain behaviors with emotions that follow after the fact. Hollywood has played a very large role in this strategy. Once the moral fiber that served as the foundation for marriage was weakened enough, the entire institution became challenged in a more direct manner to the point that uninformed, non-critical thinking people have been heard to say that marriage is outdated. This paved the way for homosexuals to begin to openly demand lawful recognition of homosexual marriage. With religion muted by its own failure to stand by its convictions, and the family now disintegrating, America finds itself unable to stand against the assault. Her foundation and tools for defense have been all but surrendered. As a result, children are going to be forced to grow up without either a mother on the one hand or a father on the other hand. The point is that the homosexual is not content to be able to legally practice their deviant lifestyle. Rather, they want to force everyone to accept it as perfectly natural. In an attempt to argue from freedom for the 1-2% of people who practice this behavior, the rest of the culture is denied their freedom to think of it as unnatural.


Public education has become an incubator of modern secularism. From the theory of evolution to the use of secular psychology to sex education and now to normalizing the homosexual lifestyle, public education has been an excellent and effective venue through which secularists have secularized our children. Homosexuals were once shamed out of their lifestyle or placed under tremendous pressure not to engage in the practice because of the public stigma that went with it. Not so today. Girls who had sex with multiple partners were once stigmatized in the same way for being whores. Again, not so today. Our culture use to be less individualistic than it is today. Even in my lifetime, the shift toward hyper-individualism is easily noticeable. There are organizations encouraging homosexual sex as part of sex education in the public schools. Some educators have even gone so far as to expose kindergarten age children to the homosexual lifestyle. These children will grow up with a predominantly secularist mindset.


The Media has been a very significant tool in the hands of the secularist. From making marriage and dad look like a joke, to giving one the impression that homosexuals make up far more of the population than they do, the secular media has been quite busy promulgating its philosophy in a variety of forms. Nearly every sitcom today has a “token” homosexual. Yet, in the 2000 census, the number of households that were homosexual was .42%. That is much less than even .5%. Link Here. The media, controlled almost entirely by liberal secularists wants us to believe that more people are homosexual than really is the case. Since Americans place such a high value on emotion and especially emotional love, they use this to appeal to the culture in general. They pull at our “heart strings” so to speak and many of us in the west are easily seduced by the tactic. The number of Homosexuals in this country ranges from .9% to perhaps 2.8% at best. See the link above. Yet the money and resources spent to inflate the issue is enormous. The homosexual issue is not about the infinitesimally small number of people in the west that have made the homosexual choice. Rather, it is about an effective tool that is part of an overall strategy to shift the west from a Judeo-Christian worldview to a secularist worldview.

Why are we losing this battle? We are losing for a number of reasons. First, we have lost our faith in the Bible. We no longer believe it. For many, the view of Scripture is extremely low. I recently read a comment from a man who said he believed in the infallibility and inspiration of the Bible, but that inerrancy is hard to swallow. From my perspective, it is far more difficult to believe that the Bible is “infallible and inspired” but contains errors. That is the most outrageous and irrational comment I think I have read about Scripture. In addition, we adopt modern critical methods for approaching Scripture that altogether dismiss its divine nature, origin, and purpose, deluding ourselves into thinking we can set up unbelieving, naturalistic models for interpreting Scripture without injury to the text or ourselves. Not only is such an approach naïve on the one hand, it is arrogant on the other. The only tool Christians have at their disposal to defend themselves against the onslaught of secularism and unbelief is the word of God. Moreover, an interpretive methodology that protects the preeminence of Scripture in how we approach Scripture itself is critically important if Scripture is to do its work in our lives and subsequently, the culture in which we live them. I know of a famed internet apologist who has cost himself tremendous credibility because he attempted to use a predominantly liberal method for approaching the text while trying to defend a high view of Scripture at the same time. The result was disastrous.

God loves homosexual sinners just as He loves heterosexual sinners. However, God condemns homosexual sin explicitly in Scripture. The Judeo-Christian ethic, if it is to remain Judeo-Christian, has no choice but to condemn the practice of homosexual behavior and vigorously contend with the advancements of secularism in our culture. This does not mean only the professors, pastors, and other ministries. This means all of us together as a collective unit expending extreme energy defending the Christ worldview. Does your church have such a strategy in place? Why not? Ask your pastor.

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