Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anonymous From UK Comments

Hi Ed,
Amen to that - I attend a church which does loving works but has not real discipline at all. People can attend church with no objection to their life style...We may have a word here and there. We have a number of "couples" who live together "but do not share the same bedrooms" and this way of life has become acceptable. They have been baptised and no one says anything to them now...I stood up against this (admittedly in the wrong way) and I took a roasting.

Women are aloud to preach to the whole church. Now I am not sexist one bit whatsover...all I want to do is follow what the bible says but the scripture in timothy which denounces women preachers is so manipulated today (because its not politically correct to tell a women she isn't allowed to do that). There is so much we can take from the new testament scripture which is not followed today in any shape or form that I mourn in sorrow for the church...I think that its an indicator of the very last days that we are now living in - Paul the apostle warned us of a great apostacy which would happen before the man of sin is revealed to the world - I believe that while the church is holding out and following the word of God that the man of sin is held off...but the church is becoming weaker and weaker by the day and is turning to the traditions of men instead of upholding the teaching of God.

Please pray for me or give me advice here...I don't know where to turn in my community because churches have turned away so much from the word of God that I don't know where else to go!? I read revelation and I am starting to think that I am not going to get involved in churchy things but instead - attend and worship God - fellowship with like minded Christians who can see the same things and do like it says in the book of Daniel (exploits) - going out on the streets whenever possible and take the gospel directly to the people. Any ideas on any of this would be greatly appreciated.

This is a perfect example of what happens when the church displaces Scripture as its sole authority for faith and practice. If the Bible is not our authority, something or someone has to take its place. Unfortunately, and more times than not, the standards of the culture become the standard of the church. And if that is the case, what kind of light are we? If the light itself has also become darkness, how great is that darkness. If there is no stark contrast between the church and the world, the "city on a hill" metaphor does not hold.

First, I will pray for you and the state of your church and the church in the UK. Second, if you have already gone to those in error and have witnessed obstinance, you probably need to take a more radical approach. If you are unable to locate a church of like-mind, it may be that you have to begin a small group yourself. Locate a couple of families or more of like mind and begin a bible study and fellowship group. You may even want to advertise on the web or other inexpensive ways (postings at coffee houses, libraries, university, etc.) to get something going. I will keep you in my prayer. Don't ever give up. The saints must engage in the battle for truth and never give it up. Great will be our rewards! Feel free to reach out to me anytime.

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